D'Marcus ‘Bama Baby’ Green began writing music at the age of 8. Writing lyrics about doing things backwards and unorthodox as well as the things he saw around him. At the age of 12 Bama began composing and recording music over an old PC chatroom microphone. After seeing the passion and drive, his father started letting him experiment with more professional equipment and a recording artist was born. Bama's earlier music was a much more clean cut yet very aggressive Hip-Hop style, no doubt-ably forged from the rugged surroundings of his hometown Montgomery,  Alabama or "Gump town" as called by the locals. Bama never used profanity in any of his music, mostly due to the fact that he began so young and recorded his debut album as a minor. "I may curse in my day to day life and even on tracks but I'm still not crazy enough ta just curse in front of my parents. It's a respect thing for me." says Bama. His debut album "Hybrid” released in 2008, the year of his high school graduation. In celebration, the family owned entertainment company Alagata launched a graduation/ album release concert with Bama as the headliner, packing out the venue and making the cover of the local newspaper. 


On the heels of Bama's success, Alagata began booking well known artists to perform in the Brazoria County area. An area just south of Houston, Texas, where Bama nurtured his musical career. This allowed Bama to open-up for several Houston recording artists and later moved the company to open there own night club “F.L.A.W.C.” Bama continued to deliver electrifying performances with artists such as Z-RO, Slim Thug, Dallas Blocker & most notably Just Brittany. After booking the singer to perform several times, Bama formed a bond with the singers now ex-developer Christopher ‘Mr. Moore Music’ Moore. 


As the relationship developed, Bama began opening for Just brittany on her shows, making music and became a part of The Narrators entourage; the company responsible for the success of Just Brittany founded by Mr. Moore Music. More recently Bama has been very active locally and internationally, making a trip to London this past spring and meeting with industry influencers, filming music videos and recording music with a few U.K. artists. Bama visited Puerto Rico the summer of 2018 to capture the island’s nature and beauty in his Spanish record "Como Se Dice" before traveling to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt for a jammed packed performance at Hard Rock Cafe Nabq. This monumental performance Made  Bama the first African American performing artist in the cities history. Bama has been making his presence known nationally by performing for audiences in Houston, Atlanta, Miami, LA, New York City, Alabama, Tennessee & more.  Bama's currently working on his second solo album titled "Faith", and recently released his much anticipated EP "From DUsk  while simultaneously preparing for the next chapter of his music career.